• October 14, 2023

Swahili to Unite Africa, Haiti President Assassinated, Zuma Hands Himself

Here is your latest #Africanews
#Africa Swahili can unite Africa.
#EastAfrican intelligence chiefs call for a united front against terrorism.
#Zambia holds state funeral for Kaunda after court rejects burial site petition.
#Diaspora Haiti President Jovenel Moise was killed at his home.
#Kenya will be hosting the WRC Safari Rally for the next 5 years.
#SouthAfrica Jacob Zuma hands himself over to police.
#Nigeria Senate Approves Buhari’s Request for $6.183bn External Loan.
#Kenya ‘not consulted’ about UK charity’s elephant project.
Swahili to Unite Africa, Haiti President Assassinated, Zuma Hands Himself Over to Police https://youtu.be/BOOrF3_-inI #africanews

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