• October 14, 2023

Quick Tips About Funeral Insurance, End of Life, Buria Insurance,

One of the best gifts you can leave behind is a Will or Living Trust, which should also include sound End of Life Planning. Chris Hill, Founder of http://www.funeralresources.com, believes pre-planning a funeral is a necessary component of a sound comprehensive financial plan.

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By creating your own end-of-life plan, or what I like to refer to as preparing your celebration of life plan, you are giving your family and loved ones a treasured memory by relieving them from the burden of making such difficult financial and emotional decisions during a time of grief and loss.

There are three common ways to preplan a funeral:

1. A Family Record Guide
2. Pre-Ned Plan
3. Final Expense Plan

The written form of a funeral preplan is commonly referred to as a Family Record Guide, and can be downloaded for at no cost at our website, http://www.funeralresources.com

The Pre-Need Plan and Final Expense Plan are a combination of preplanning your funeral plans and preferences, as well as purchasing a funeral insurance policy, which is designed to pay for the funeral costs and expenses.

For more information about pre-planning a funeral, visit http://www.funeralresources.com


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