• December 10, 2023
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The Largest Burial Site in North America

Covering more than 600 acres, 100,000 monuments and 1.5 million bodies, the four cemeteries on Mount Royal in Montreal make up the largest burial site in North America. Founded in the 1850s, the four adjoining cemeteries feature spectacular landscaping, historic 19th-century crypts, spooky urban legends and hundreds of notable figures, including Prime Ministers, business leaders, sports stars, artists, writers, poets, musicians, composers, filmmakers, inventors, mobsters, murderers and even Titanic victims.

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00:00 Mont Royal
02:14 A city of dead
04:20 Mount Royal Cemetery
06:28 Shaar Hashomayim Cemetery
06:48 Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery
09:43 Joseph Guibord
11:18 Titanic victims
14:21 René Angélil
15:03 Leonard Cohen
16:34 Jun Lin
17:37 Urban legends
19:23 Simon McTavish
21:23 Ending

VOIR AUSSI  Roc-Eclerc Dijon -Marbriers funéraires Dijon 21000 Côte-d'Or

Last and First Light by Scott Buckley


Adrift Among Infinite Stars by Scott Buckley


Falling Together by Scott Buckley


Decoherence by Scott Buckley


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