• November 28, 2023
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Life is self-realization. Every birth is divine. We are born anew every morning. My wish is that you may catch the gleam, be freed from limitations and enter upon your boundless possibilities. To bring you into the throne-room of your being, that you may awaken in self-realization, is why I have prepared this course of lessons. Should you give five minutes a day to them, in a year you will know the joy there is in Life, in Power, and in Service. (from the text)

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Full audiobook ⏰Chapter times:⏰
0:00 – Foreword
2:27 – Supreme Control of Conditions
25:51 – Supreme Control of Age
38:12 – Supreme Daily-Life Method
53:11 – The Supreme Law of Success
1:07:25 – Supreme Body Building Method
1:14:00 – Supreme Law of Internal Vibration
1:23:30 – Supreme Method of Mental Healing
1:32:03 – Supreme Power of Magnetism
1:41:33 – Supreme Law of Telepathy
All chapters read by Andrea Fiore

Supreme Personality by Delmer Eugene Croft
This Audiobook is a product of LibriVox Recordings and is available in the public domain. The audiobooks are recorded by volunteers.

Translated titles:
(LECCIONES de AUTO-REALIZACIÓN) Suprema Personalidad-Delmer Eugene Croft | Audiolibro completo

(LEKTIONEN DER SELBSTREALISIERUNG) Höchste Persönlichkeit-Delmer Eugene Croft | Volles Hörbuch

(LEÇONS D’AUTO-RÉALISATION) Personnalité suprême-Delmer Eugene Croft | Livre audio complet

(LIÇÕES de AUTO-REALIZAÇÃO) Personalidade Suprema-Delmer Eugene Croft | Audiobook completo

(SELF-REALIZATION का पाठ) सर्वोच्च व्यक्तित्व-(९-१

(自我恢复的经验)至尊人格-Delmer Eugene Croft|完整有声读物

(LEKCIJE SAMO REALIZACIJE) Vrhovna ličnost-Delmer Eugene Croft | Cijela audioknjiga

(LESSEN van ZELFREALISATIE) Allerhoogste Persoonlijkheid-Delmer Eugene Croft | Volledig audioboek

(自己実現の教訓)最高の人格-Delmer Eugene Croft|フルオーディオブック

(УРОКИ САМОРЕАЛИЗАЦИИ) Верховная Личность-Delmer Eugene Croft |


VOIR AUSSI  Un dernier adieu.

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