• November 28, 2023
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At The End ~ A Message From Fr Michael Byron

Welcome back to Pax Christi~

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We often make it a point to encourage our parishioners to think about pre-planning for their funerals before they and their families are burdened when the time of death approaches. Many of our members take us up on that offer, and it really does help make it easier. We keep a file here at Pax, sometimes for years, and it can be just one less thing to have to worry about.

I remember when I was a teenager having a conversation with my uncle. He grew up on a farm in South Dakota, and when his father died they made the family bury him outside the fence of the little Catholic cemetery there, because he wasn’t Catholic. There was anger and confusion and sadness around that, and I can’t say that I blame them. It’s hard to understand how all this preached love and compassion at led them to such an ugly last farewell.

Thankfully it’s so much different now. Catholics can be buried in any cemetery they wish, and non-Catholic spouses and loved ones are now permitted inside the gates.

People make decisions about burial for lots of different reasons. For some they want to be as close to their departed loved one as they can be, so they’ll pick a place that is close by and easy to visit regularly. For many at Pax the choice is for Pleasant Hill Cemetery because it’s located right next door to our church–although it is owned and operated by the City of Eden Prairie and not by us. For others the choice is made because a place is particularly beautiful or because the ancestors are buried there. I already have a place at St. Mary’s in south Minneapolis because my parents are there.

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There once was a time when Catholics had to be buried in a specifically Catholic place. That is no longer true, although our archdiocese runs an organization called Catholic Cemeteries. There are five of them spread across the Twin Cities, St. Mary’s being one of them. For some people it is still important to be buried at a Catholic place, and that’s fine.

Whatever your choice, it might be worth thinking about before you have to.

Be Well


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